You can’t change the past… or can you?

“You can’t change the past.”

I have always had a problem hearing this.

The same feeling pops up when I hear this as when I hear people talk about “Murphy’s Law.” There is that irritation in my solar plexus, like I am being pulled into someone else’s limited reality.

I believe that you actually can change the past.

Let me explain.

I recently saw an episode of Open Minds with Regina Meredith on Gaiam TV and her guest was Cynthia Sue Larson, a physicist, spiritualist, and author of books such as Quantum Jumps and Reality Shifts. She explains the concept of the “multiverse”– and that we can choose from billions of parallel realities that simultaneously exist for us in any given moment.

She tells stories of instantaneous healings—where people who have been injured are able to choose a different timeline where the injury never even happened.

So in this way, they are not changing the timeline where it happened—they are simply shifting their consciousness to a timeline where it didn’t happen.

In effect, they are “changing the past,” or at least, changing to a different past for themselves.

This may be a stretch for some, but if you understand that we are moving into an age of quantum awareness where we understand that possibilities are not a matter of binary “yes or no” or “true or false”—where a mind boggling number of possible realities are available to you at any given moment—then it’s not so hard to imagine something like a spontaneous healing.

So how can we use this power to change the past in our daily lives?

Larson suggests starting with something very practical when you wake up in the morning. Whether you got enough sleep or not, say to yourself, “I got enough sleep.” And simply observe how your entire day is affected by that declaration. You may have slipped in barely a few hours of sleep, but in consciously affirming that you got enough sleep, it is possible that this choice of consciousness could shift you into a timeline where you got eight glorious hours of sleep.

One caveat—this technique works best with people who meditate, are easy to go under hypnosis, or have lucid dreams, and follow a fairly high vibrational diet.

Very rational people may be stuck in their logical minds and may not experience the same results at first. (As open-minded as I am, I tend to fall into this group.)

As my rational mind searched for evidence in my life that this kind of shift was possible, I remembered experiencing a quick, though not instantaneous, healing—two years ago when I broke my foot. Through a series of conscious choices I made, it healed completely in a few weeks (compared to months for that type of break—a Jones fracture), and the final x-ray showed no signs of it ever having been broken. Had I shifted to a timeline where it never broke or was a more minor break? Possibly.

Additionally, after writing a first draft of this post, I did have what I believe is a spontaneous healing. A few nights ago, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling nauseous and I felt strongly that it was from something I had eaten at dinner. I imagined having eaten something completely different, and the nausea went away at once and did not come back.

The big takeaway of all this, I think, is that the power of your mind is greater than you could ever imagine. It really is time for us to understand and accept our power to change our reality. As each of us wakes up to our individual power, our collective power becomes stronger and stronger, and our timelines could shift to better and better realities.

Admittedly, I still have so many concerns and questions about this new way of experiencing (and changing) reality. What if, without mastery and control of timeline shifting techniques, I end up in a timeline I don’t like and then can’t get out of it? What if I change to a timeline where one or more of my loved ones do not exist? Would I remember (and miss) them? Would it be like they never existed?

These fears may be unfounded, but I feel that voicing them may help others bring up similar fears that may be holding them back from embracing the true power of their minds to transform their reality. As we shift our consciousness from linear time into a realm where quantum physics shows up more obviously, we may experience time and space becoming more “slippery,” and this—like most things outside our comfortable 3D existence—makes me a little nervous.

But it also makes me want to learn more.

The last thing Cynthia Sue Larson says in her interview is that she invites people to ask, “How good can it get?”

I believe that when you ask the Universe a question, you always get an answer.

What better question to ask? What better question to write down and post everywhere in your house??

So today, let’s consider loosening logic’s grip on our minds and allow what we know as “reality” to become a little more malleable.

We may be surprised and delighted to find that we can “change the past” and jump to a timeline that truly answers the question, “How good can it get?”

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