The You & Your Baby’s First Year Program


Whether your birth plan went ‘to plan’ or there was an unexpected detour to your baby’s entrance to the world, you’re home now, just you and your little family.

You’ve read some parenting books, the nursery is fully kitted out with toys, furniture and beautiful outfits, bottles sterilised and waiting, travel system set up and ready to go…

…you’re ready and in control.

Pretty soon though, you notice something odd.

On demand feeding seems to be never enough for your constantly ‘demanding food’ baby! Every time you leave the room after spending 20 minutes being a stealth ninja putting him down to sleep, he knows you’ve left and wakes up screaming!

And how the hell does any mother actually manage to get dressed in the morning?!

You begin to wonder if you’ll ever sleep again…

Surely this is supposed to be fun?!

Your only connection to the outside world is Facebook, your health visitor and well – meaning friends and relatives popping in to ooh and aah.

Advice comes flooding in.

There’s so many things you start believing you should and shouldn’t be doing and to make things worse, the highlight reels on Facebook of mums you know who are actually out and about with their babies makes you feel like the worst mother in the world.

And you’ve only been a mother for one hot second!

You’re still smiling, but inside you’re wondering:

What the hell have I let myself in for?

You are not alone!

The You & Your Baby’s First Year Program can help!

This is totally for you if:

You really want to do what’s best for your baby but you don’t have a clue how to do it and you just want to be told what to do by someone who knows what they’re talking about! (And seriously, who the hell has time to read books about this stuff, right?!)

So, how can I help?

Introducing The You & Your Baby’s First Year
Home Study Online Video Program

An 8–week online program that teaches new mums, dads and carers to understand their new baby’s development and learn exactly what to do to help your baby to play, grow and learn in the comfort of your own home.

So that for the rest of your baby’s first year…
You’ll feel confident, not confused.

What’s the program all about?

Straight talking, easy to understand and scientifically proven things to do with your baby.

The founder of The You & Your Baby’s First Year Program, Bronwen, is a children’s physiotherapist who has been teaching parents and carers since 2001 how to intentionally influence their baby’s development in a holistic way in order to enhance their baby’s physical, sensory and emotional well-being.

Essentially, the program teaches new parents what to do with their babies in the first year to skyrocket their development and also how to avoid, identify or overcome things that happen sometimes like flat – head syndrome or sensory and developmental delays.

“Bronwen’s course will brilliant. Not only did I get solid guidance from her, but I gained a sense of community with the other mums, dads, and carers. I recommend this course to anyone wondering what to do with their baby in the first year!” – Happy Mum

How does The You & Your Baby’s First Year Program work?

Unlike other mum and baby classes, we come to you!

The You & Your Baby’s First Year Program is a video and email course that will be delivered to your inbox over eight weeks. (And you’ll have lifetime access to it, so no pressure to get it all watched right away!)

There are 16 short videos, so learning the secrets to skyrocketing your baby’s development can fit into the nooks and crannies of your day.

You’ll feel completely taken care of in the private Facebook group.

One live Q&A call every week to answer any questions and to make sure you are confident with the activities and information you’ve learnt.

What do we cover each week? Here’s a breakdown:

Module 1: The Mind– Body Connection

Why do some babies cry for no apparent reason at all? How do you know what your baby wants and how do they even start to make sense of the world around them? What emotions do babies have anyway?

It’s all to do with their growing brains.

In this module, you’ll learn how your baby’s brain and body work together plus how the brain develops to process experiences, sensations and to make sense of the world. We’ll share practical techniques that help you to bond with your new baby and which will give him or her a solid foundation of love, trust and confidence on which to play, learn and grow.

We’ll cover:


The 3 important questions your baby is asking – these will help you stay sane through practically every episode of crying (yours and baby’s!)


What 3 things are vital for bonding & 15 ways to develop a strong bond with your baby right from the beginning


What’s going on in your baby’s brain and how it gets ‘wired’


4 ways your baby needs you to look after you

Module 2: The Three P’s – Proactive Positioning & Play

In this module, you’ll learn all about how to play with your brand new baby – without needing fancy toys and equipment! Speaking of which, you’ll also learn what equipment your baby does and doesn’t need (spoiler alert – it’s a lot less that you think!).

We’ll take a look at how to handle and move your baby plus the positions to encourage for a lovely round head shape and to give your baby plenty of opportunities for stretching, activity and movement.

We’ll cover:


What flat head syndrome is and how you can completely avoid the baby helmet for your baby


What proactive positioning is & how to create a safe, comfortable and stimulating, baby friendly play environment wherever you are


4 easy steps to eliminate tummy time tears (plus 10 everyday tummy time play ideas)


Everything you need to know about baby equipment so you’ll no longer have all the gear, no idea!

Module 3: Baby Sense

This module is full to bursting with nuggets! Once you know how your baby’s sensory system works and how too much or too little stimulation can completely change your baby’s emotional state, you’ll be the cool, calm and collected mother you dreamed of being (well, most of the time anyhow!)

We’ll cover:


The 7 sensory systems and how you can help your baby to process, make sense of and cope with, his or her crazy, busy world!


The secret to successful baby weaning


The beauty of self-calming and the 6 steps to calming your crying baby

Module 4: The future is bright baby!

By this time, you will have so many useful tools in your parenting toolbox to give your baby the absolute best start in his or her life! Truly, once you understand what your baby needs and why, it makes it so much easier to do. This week is all about looking ahead.


The inescapable benefits of routines and boundaries


The step-by-step path to those all-important first steps


25 red flags to look out for as your baby grows


When and who to ask for help

Epic Bonuses!


Step by step baby massage video training


1 personal online or in person consultation with Bronwen – just for you!


Private Facebook Group

Ready to breathe easy and enjoy your baby’s first year confidently?

To sum it up, here’s a breakdown of everything you’ll get:


16 video classes (over 3 hours of content)
Value: £250


PDF’s and guide for play activities
Value: £55


8 weekly bonus group Q & A sessions with Bronwen (like having your own physio on call!)
Value: £780


Peace of mind and a community of other parents on the exact same journey as you?

Total course value: £935

And after the first 4 weeks?

For those of you who want to know you’re covered for any questions or concerns that come up after the course, or if you’d like a more tailored plan for you and your baby’s unique development, you literally can have a physio in your pocket!

I’m offering a super special package of one on one sessions to give you even more peace of mind.

VIP Mum Package


2 x zoom calls (or in person if you’re local!)


Plus up to 3 emails to use whenever you like in your baby’s first year.

Because I’m so excited to be getting this course (my baby!) out into the world, I’m practically giving this away for a limited time £60 (less than the cost of a one to one with me!)

About Bronwen

The most important thing to know about me is that I’m a mummy to 2 gorgeous children myself. I’ve struggled through (still am) my own sleepless nights & guilt fuelled parenting challenges – sleep issues, what baby gear to get, what to do when she just will not stop crying, screen time arguments, how on earth are you supposed to discipline a defiant and aggressive toddler, never mind pre-schooler, arty-crafty nightmares (I am so uncreative!) and the relentless search for ‘the right things to do’….. just like most parents I know!

I’ve also been a children’s physiotherapist for 16 years with specialised experience and training in baby and child development as well as extensive experience of working with children who have additional needs including cerebral palsy. I have been so fortunate to work with hundreds of families over the years and through my work, I’ve honed my skills of listening to parent concerns and questions, gathering important details about each unique child and then identifying and providing solutions to quickly and effectively make life easier!

Most importantly, I passionately believe that when we as parents really know and understand what our children need and why, we truly do change the way they learn and grow for the better.