Website Maintenance Plans

Liz Lee Media now provides a choice of three website maintenance plans to help fortify your WordPress site, back it up regularly and protect it from attacks.

Monthly WordPress Maintenance Plans

Service requests can include but are not limited to:

• Updating a calendar
• Uploading images to an existing gallery or slideshow (large numbers of images that require optimization and/or resizing incur an additional fee)
• Making minor changes to text (changing business hours, for example)
• Repairing broken links or adding a link
• Swapping out graphics (deleting one image and replacing it with another)
• Updating contact information

Services which reach beyond the scope of typical maintenance plan service requests (and therefore qualify as hourly or per-project work) include, but are not limited to:

• Graphic Design (including logo design and any design for print projects)
• Social Media Management/Marketing
• Changing the design of a website
• Revising a website page completely
• Coding or programming
• Installation and configuration of additional plugins, integrations, or APIs
• Repairing errors made by website owner or his/her designated editor
• Ongoing SEO work

Yearly WordPress Maintenance Plans

Save when you pay by the year!

We are so happy to be able to provide high quality hosting for our clients, but we are now thrilled to provide robust maintenance plans as well.

While hosting provides a place for your website to call home, a solid maintenance plan provides the resources it needs to thrive. Hackers are constantly banging on websites to find vulnerabilities. Every few seconds a new hit comes from a hacker’s automated script!

Much like small meteors entering the earth’s atmosphere–most never reaching the ground–the majority of these hits don’t make an impact. But if your website does not have protective protocol in place, the results can be catastrophic. Ask anyone whose website has been hacked and you will hear a story of their business stalling, their well-established SEO crumbling, and a long road to rebuild the site and recover all they had previously built.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to happen to you. While a website is never 100% impervious to attacks, implementing a maintenance plan can fortify its defenses and ensure a quick recovery in case it is hacked or infected with malware or viruses.

Do you need a more customized website maintenance plan?