Website Consulting

WordPress In-Site Sessions™

DIY doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

I began my career as a DIY-er, so I get it. You want to have your hands fully in the creative process.

But then you hit a snag. A block. Something that SHOULD be so simple has you completely stuck and unable to move forward.

So let’s get unstuck.

Book a 1:1 WordPress In-Site Session™ where we meet via Zoom to work through whatever is keeping you from moving forward on your site. Possible topics we could cover include but are not limited to:


Choosing, installing, and customizing your WordPress theme


How to make updates without breaking your site


Making your site responsive to mobile devices


Finishing a sales page so you can launch it already 😀


Fixing a wonky (yes, that’s the technical term 😆) page that has you completely stumped


Ideas on how to breathe new life into your site


Pretty much anything else involving a WordPress site that is standing between you and greatness 😊

Be prepared to feel noticeably smarter after a WordPress In-Site Session™ (like this client):

(I LOVE helping people feel more capable, because then they can be even more creative!)

And if you decide that you would rather hand over your To Do list to us, we’ll apply half of the session fee to that work.

Page and Site Reviews

NOT limited to WordPress sites

A website is never done. It’s only launchable.

As time passes and your business and goals shift, your website will need to keep up. Before you dive into a full redesign, get a comprehensive website review to help you move forward with focused action.

If you want to start with just your home page (or any page in particular), we have a 1-page option. If you have another page you’d like to submit (a sales page you are about to launch, for example), choose the 2-page option.

If you want us to perform a full website review, we have that option with a bonus–you can apply 50% of what you pay toward a future retainer agreement with Liz Lee Media (minimum: three months).

I needed a trained set of eyes to look for opportunities where I could make my website work more for me. Having an actionable list of where to begin was so valuable, and I have already taken three pages of notes on Liz’s recommendations!

Deb Laflamme

Chief Ideapreneur, For the Love of Your Biz

Choose the level and depth of review you need:

Once payment is complete, please send an email with the URL(s) you would like reviewed to

Liz Lee, I just have to say THANK YOU so much for my page review – I have implemented your suggestions and feel A LOT better now driving traffic to my site! Your little changes create such a better feel!! I can’t thank you enough!

– Marabeth Lund

OMG Liz Lee your homepage website audit is AMAAAAZING!!!! You’re good!

– Emily Aarons