Web Hosting

Liz Lee Media Hosted Clients: Pay for your website hosting below.


We offer hosting of Liz Lee Media-built websites on our dedicated server for $20/month or $188/year. We provide a hosting environment that is optimized for WordPress sites, runs updated software and applies any necessary security patches. We also include an SSL certificate for your domain as long as you are hosted by us.

Please note that under these hosting plans you are responsible for making regular backups of your website and keeping your plugins, themes and WordPress installation updated. If you are subscribed to any of our Website Care Plans, we will make monthly (or more frequent) backups of your site and can attempt to restore a backup in the event of a crash or hack at no additional charge. If you are not enrolled in any of our Website Care Plans and have a viable backup, we may attempt to restore your website for a fee of $111.

Hosting on our server does not include updates for WordPress, themes or plugins, nor does it include any content updates. While the technicians at our hosting collocation monitor server-wide security issues, individual website security monitoring is not a feature of our hosting and is your responsibility to secure.

However, our Website Care Plans cover a variety of technological and content updates as well as security monitoring and more frequent backups.