Entrepreneuring is complicated...

But building your website doesn't have to be.

Entrepreneuring is complicated...

But building your website doesn't have to be.

Do you have a great new idea, offering or business that you are SO ready to get out there?

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of spending thousands on branding or re-branding before your new venture can even get off the ground?

Are you dragging your feet on networking because you don't have a website?

You may be struggling with one of those DIY website builders (you know, the ones that leave you wanting an online presence that looks professional and uniquely you).

You may have even decided to hold off your dream until someday when you have enough money to go "all out."

The truth is, someday never comes.

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I see so many entrepreneurs who have something awesome to get out into the world, but I also hear them saying:

I can’t because I don’t have a website...


I just paid so much money to have my website built and I can’t afford to have it redone...


Please don’t look at my website. It doesn’t reflect what I am doing now...

Many of them spend more time apologizing for their out of date (or nonexistent) website than making the meaningful connections they need for their business.

If this describes you...

I have GREAT news!!

Because I keep meeting entrepreneurs who are ready to bring their gifts to the world, but they don't have a website, or they have a website they don't like, or have spent a lot of money on a website that no longer serves them...

I knew I had to come up with an affordable solution that would help them break through the "all or nothing" mentality that keeps so many entrepreneurs in limbo.

So I created...

The WOW Site™ gives you an opportunity to launch yourself, your new business or new offering without having to make all the thousands of decisions (and dollars) that go into a typical startup.

For service based entrepreneurs, The WOW Site™ includes the essentials you need to get your new offering off the ground.

With a WOW Site™, you will be able to:

  • Connect with your ideal clients so that you don't have to spend all your time "screening" leads
  • Get paid for your key services -- easily!
  • Fill your calendar with sales calls without having to keep track of all the appointments yourself
  • Build your mailing list -- even if you are not ready to send a newsletter

And the best part? You will have full control over your site without having to be a web genius.

Here is what you get with your eye-catching, client-attracting WOW Site™:

Five page templates that will provide an inspiring framework for you to generate your own copy (even if you don’t consider yourself a “writer”)

Blogging/Vlogging capability (and support in developing your initial ideas) so that you can keep a steady flow of new content to stay on your audience's radar

If you don't already have images of your own, we will include your choice of up to 10 stock images from our stock accounts to use on your site

Styled opt-in box connected to your email marketing platform so that you can build your list while you sleep, PLUS one opt in page for you to send traffic from wherever you want

WOW Prep™ Course that helps you put together everything you need to send to us before your WOW Site™ goes to our development team 

Integration with your preferred scheduling platform to enable potential clients to schedule appointments with you  

All the benefits of being on the WordPress platform, the best of which is that you can seamlessly scale up as your business grows

60 days of free access to our membership area with tutorials showing you how to update your site and post to your blog so that you can continue making updates without having to depend on a web developer

Unlimited access to a private Facebook group where you can get your website questions answered by Liz and other web savvy members

Why wait?

Why keep your future clients waiting?

A fully-loaded website with all the bells and whistles is well worth the investment--when you are ready for it.

But I have worked with many entrepreneurs who...

Are transitioning from one business to another

Have an established business but are testing the waters with a new one

Are evolving more and more into their most authentic selves and realize that their offerings need to reflect their new energy

That is why I decided to create the WOW Site™ and make it more accessible so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel (or break the bank) with every great new idea you have.

Typically, a professional done-for-you website that attracts clients and paves the way for leads and sales would cost several thousand dollars.

But because I believe that you should not have to wait until "someday" to start connecting with your ideal clients, you can have a WOW Site™ built for only one payment of $1997 or four payments of $500.

And for a limited time, you will also get $1000 worth of bonuses:


FREE HOSTING + WEBSITE MAINTENANCE PLAN + SSL CERTIFICATE for one year! Your WOW Site™ will need a physical place to call home. We will host it completely free of charge on our dedicated server for one year from the date of purchase. We will also keep everything regularly updated, monitored for security threats and backed up on an external server. Your domain will also have its own SSL certificate, letting your clients (and Google) know that your site is trusted.

$720 Value   FREE!


A two-page branded PDF that will serve as your list-building "Free Gift" to offer people who sign up for your mailing list. (You write it, we design it.) This is a MUST for any service-based entrepreneur who wants to build their list.

$280 Value   FREE!

Loving the new site...it's even better than I ever imagined and it was just so easy on my end! I can’t say enough good things about the process. I tell everyone I know!

– Whitney MacIsaac, Eloquence Dance Centre

Carrie Hawson
"Working with Liz was so easy! She walked me step-by-step through the whole process. She told me exactly what information I needed to gather for the site. She also helped refine my copy and find stunning images to go along with my words and brand. The reaction to my site has been HUGE and instant!! I have more bookings for clients. And my message is resonating with people. I feel like people FINALLY understand what I do! What Liz created looks and functions 1,000 times better than anything I could have done myself!!"

– Carrie Hawson, The Process Pixie

Jen Lee
"Working with Liz was really easy to get my site up. She had easy to fill in templates for the copy on the page which made the process even easier. She was helpful, insightful and intuitive along the process and really gave the page exactly the energy it needed to sparkle and shine! I was even asked recently if my business was part of a franchise or a larger corporation because they felt that my page was so professional that it looked like it was a higher level brand! This was a huge compliment and I really appreciate Liz Lee for making my site literally WOW people!!"

– Jen Lee, Divine Feminine Leaders

Ready to find out more?

Here are the 7 steps to getting your WOW Site™ up and running:



You have the following two options for payment: one payment of $1997 or four monthly payments of $500.



  • Within minutes, you will receive login information for WOW Prep™, a course to help you plan and prepare before our Clarifying Call.



In our WOW Site™ Clarifying Call, we will:

1. Get clear about your specific goals for your project.

2. Answer any questions you have about the WOW Prep™ Course.

3. Plan for how you will continue to connect with your clients (blogging, vlogging, etc.).



We will set up a Trello project management board to help us keep track of our project. We will use it to assemble all the items and information necessary for your WOW Site™ project, including copy, images, graphic elements, etc.



Once we have all the assets we need, our development team will build the site!



We will show you the initial draft of your WOW Site™. Based on your feedback, we will make the revisions necessary to make your site launch-ready.

We also will test the integrations (payments, opt-ins, schedule links, etc.) to ensure a great user experience.​



At this point, your WOW Site™ is ready for launch. Do all the social media blasts you want and show the world (specifically, your ideal clients) what you have to offer!

What about the future?

Your business will evolve and you may reach a point where you are ready to invest more and take it to the next level. At that time, we’ll be here to assist you in scaling up as needed.

After working with Liz, I can't imagine ever wanting to work with another web developer.  

Liz is able to take my ideas from concepts we discuss, to creating the exact vision I want for my design.  It's amazing how intuitive she is with her design and approach, and how easily she is able to grasp the ideas I have and make them a reality.  

She is also able to help me learn and understand the back end of how things work, and provides such great insight and knowledge to help me move forward with attracting the new clients I want from my website.  She is not only a wonderful and competent web developer, but she is also an amazing person who I enjoy working with because of her true deep caring nature for others including her clients. 

– Jocelyn Robinson

About Liz Lee

Liz Lee works diligently to help her clients shine their brightest and connect with their customers and clients with web design, graphic design and a variety of media services. Whether your project is designing the perfect business card, building a website or launching a blog for your business, Liz and her team keep your vision as her top priority. Intuitive and inspired, she can see your ideas through to completion while you focus on what you do best.

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