What Clients are Saying About Liz Lee Media

Working with Liz, Owner of Liz Lee Media, is like a dream-come-true! After struggling for more than six months, trying to cobble together a halfway decent website on my own, and then working with five other web designers yet never reaching the finish-line, I began working with Liz. In a matter of weeks, my site was finished and it is fabulous!

I am now attracting dozens of new prospects to my business, and I credit this largely to having a website that looks great, that is a true reflection of my brand and personality, and most importantly… it converts!

Liz approaches web design with the perfect blend of creativity, technical know-how, compassion (especially for the “technically-challenged” among us), and dependable support. One aspect of working with Liz that I especially appreciate is that every web site she designs is unique and specific to the individual it represents. No “cookie-cutter” design work here!

I would (and do) highly recommend the services of Liz Lee Media to anyone who needs a competent, creative and compassionate web designer who can quickly and beautifully bring your website project from “to do” to “Ta Dah!”

Sharon Hibbard

CEO and Message-to-Money Mentor, Compelling Content Creation

I love my website! Working with Liz has been such a pleasure. She is incredibly intuitive with the layout and design and I love how she was able to accurately bring forth my personality and my brand through my site. She also may be one of the most patient people I have ever known. Her explanations of everything make it possible for me to interact more confidently with my site. She has answered all of my calls for help within a more than reasonable time and has always brought levity to the situation by putting my mind at ease and solving whatever it is that I don’t understand. I am so happy I decided to hire her to create and host my site!

Janet Raftis

Energy Healer and Psychic Medium