For a limited time, the Show Up! Supported DIY Web Design Experience is available to beta testers.

What you can access right away:

Module 1:


How to choose and register a domain name without getting trapped in unnecessary upsells


Pairing web safe Google fonts to use on your site


Creating your unique color palette for your site


Designing a text logo and optimizing it to use on your site


Overcoming common mindset pitfalls when getting your business online

Module 2:


What Makes a Show Up! Page the perfect way to start connecting with clients


How to get around the back end of your WordPress website


3 decisions to make before you write your copy


How not to break your site


Finding your niche (or letting it find you!)


What to do when resistance pops up in your life and business

Module 3:


Building your page without getting overwhelmed


Using sections, rows and modules to create visually stunning content


Formatting header and body text


Creating backgrounds from colors, gradients, images and videos


Using padding and margins to create space on your page


Asking for help and getting support

What happens next?


While you are going through Module 1, we will set up your site account and send you your WordPress login information.


Once you have access to your site, you can build with the guidance of the tutorials in Modules 2 and 3.


You will receive an email notification as other modules become available.


You will have access to all future updates and tutorials!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a "beta tester"?

I don’t know how certain solutions will really work until I test them “in the wild.” So that is where you come in. In exchange for your willingness to work with it and give me honest feedback, you get it at a lower price and you will also have access to all updates and content I will ever create for it.

Is this a page or a website?


We start out by building one powerful page that you may eventually unfold into a whole website. So many people who go on the DIY journey get overwhelmed by the number of pages they think they need to create to get started, but I have come up with a structure for this one page that will effectively communicate to your ideal clients who you are, what you stand for, and how you can help them.

What if I don't have a domain name yet?

No problem!

We cover this in Module 1. I walk you through how to choose and register a domain name as well as how to properly set your name servers (point the domain at your site).

You will pay your domain registration fee separately to the domain registrar of your choice.

Do I need to secure my own hosting account?

Your Show Up! experience includes one year of free hosting on our dedicated server. You will not need to worry about getting a hosting account on your own. (Whew!)

I'm not very tech savvy. Can I do this??

A few factors besides tech savviness will come into play in any DIY web design experience. These include, but are not limited to:

  • motivation
  • determination
  • ability to let go of the need for perfection
  • ability to take a break when you need to

I try to address all of these factors within the Mindset Checks in each module, so you are covered there. I think that once you are able to address common mental blocks that pop up, you will more easily be able to take on the tech end of things. (Plus, my tech tutorials are geared toward the beginner, and you are free to ask any questions at any time, and I will answer either through a response to your comment, or I will create a whole new tutorial to address it.)

How is this different from Wix or other DIY online website builders?

Great question!

There are many ways in which the Show Up! solution is distinct from your average online website builder:

1. The Show Up! experience is created specifically for service-based entrepreneurs, i.e. coaches and consultants.

2. It is a supported DIY experience, meaning that a real person is on the other side to help you and even create a whole new tutorial to add to the library if enough people ask the same question.

3. Once you have paid in full, you own your site. That means that if you want to, you can migrate it wherever you want. Other website builder solutions have you pay a monthly fee indefinitely to “rent” your site. Once you stop paying, your site is gone! Plus, you can’t just migrate it elsewhere. You would have to completely rebuild it in its new location.

4. Your site is built on WordPress, the most widely used content management system in the world.

I created this solution in part because new clients were coming to me having already tried with Wix and similar platforms with less than satisfying results. In each case, a total rebuild was necessary. I would rather have a scaleable solution already in place so that you and your website can grow and evolve together.

Are you ready to Show Up?

Launch Price $500

As a beta tester, you can access all tutorials and get a FREE year of hosting, all for ONLY $277.