Process Pixie Carrie Hawson Helps Entrepreneurs Get Time Back in Their Lives

Behind every successful entrepreneur is an intricate web of systems and processes that holds their business together. Carrie Hawson helps to demystify the structures that need to be in place for her clients to run their businesses more efficiently and smoothly, and more than that, gives them an amazing gift: TIME.

From teaching you how to set up a basic online calendar for scheduling your appointments, to managing every aspect of a major project, Carrie has the skills and experience take you from drowning in tedium to soaring forward in the high leverage activities you most enjoy doing in your business. Knowing that her clients do what they do out of passion, she helps them not to get lost in the details.

Carrie came along when I was refining my process for the WOW Page™ (and with each new client, I am still tweaking the workflow), so while I had the pleasure of building her WOW Page™, I also had the added benefit of her useful feedback on my process. 🙂

Go HERE to see what we created.

Carrie is also instrumental in inspiring me to prepare certain parts of my business for outsourcing and delegation. In fact, two of her offerings, “A Little Fairy Dust” and “The Power Pixie” address what delegation and outsourcing looks like in your business.

If you are ready for growth in your business, but you know you need to build a structure that allows for that growth, contact Carrie today.


If you are an entrepreneur starting a new project and you don’t want to get caught in a huge and expensive website project before showing up for your clients, check out the WOW Page™.

And this week only–schedule a FREE WOW Page™ Planning Session (normally $77) HERE. (The appointment does not have to be this week.) I have 5 slots available for these sessions.



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