Web Design

We have three website package options available which offer essential features for your small business, but the best way to determine what your web design investment will be is to take advantage of a free consultation. I will talk with you at length about your wishes for your website and then I can draw up a customized proposal based on your needs.

Please feel free to contact us today!

Website Maintenance Plans

We are so happy to be able to provide high quality hosting for our clients, but we are now thrilled to provide robust maintenance plans as well.

While hosting provides a place for your website to call home, a solid maintenance plan provides the resources it needs to thrive. Hackers are constantly banging on websites to find vulnerabilities. Just take a look at this 20-second video of live traffic of hackers searching LizLeeMedia.com below. Every few seconds a new hit comes from a hacker’s automated script!

Much like small meteors entering the earth’s atmosphere–most never reaching the ground–the majority of these hits don’t make an impact. But if your website does not have protective protocol in place, the results can be catastrophic. Ask anyone whose website has been hacked and you will hear a story of their business stalling, their well-established SEO crumbling, and a long road to rebuild the site and recover all they had previously built.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to happen to you. While a website is never 100% impervious to attacks, there are certain things we can do to fortify its defences and ensure a quick recovery in case it is hacked or infected with malware, viruses, etc.

Liz Lee Media now provides a choice of three website maintenance plans priced at $49.95, $79.95 and $109.95 per month to help fortify your WordPress site, back it up regularly and protect it from attacks. You can save by paying yearly at rates of $497, $797, and $1097.

Web Hosting

We offer hosting of Liz Lee Media-built websites on our dedicated server for $14.95/month or $120/year. We provide a hosting environment that is optimized for WordPress sites, runs updated software and applies any necessary security patches.

Hosting on our server includes monthly backups of your website. If you are subscribed to any of our website maintenance plans, we can restore your most recent website backup for free in the event of a crash. If you are not enrolled in any of our maintenance plans, we will restore your website for a fee of $80.

Hosting on our server does not include CMS, theme or plugin updates, nor does it include any content updates. While the technicians at our hosting collocation monitor server-wide security issues, individual website security monitoring is not a feature of our hosting.

However, our website maintenance plans cover a variety of technological and content updates as well as security monitoring and more frequent backups.

Graphic Design*

Logo Design starts at $500.

Business Card Design starts at $120 for one-sided cards and $240 for 2-sided.

Product Labeling starts at $400.

Flyer and Poster Design starts at $120.

Album Cover Art is $120 per panel plus an $80 set up fee if we submit the artwork to the printing company.

Social Media Graphics start at $120.

Large Format Design starts at $120.

Web Banners start at $120.

*These amounts do not include printing.

Pricing for Other Services Coming Soon!