Nutritional Coach Susan Matzkin Restores Balance to Recovering Dieters

There’s a name for that glass of organic red wine and dark chocolate that you eat after your kale salad: the -ish.

As in, Clean-ish–a lifestyle where you are not bound to an unrealistic perfectionist paradigm meant to keep you in a cycle of obsession and shame around food. And we have Susan Matzkin to thank for that.

Susan, a recovered dieter herself, saw a need for balance in our relationship to food after trying every diet under the sun–“Atkins, South beach, Suzanne Somers, Weight Watchers, The Whole30, Paleo and everything in between!!!” When a trainer of hers recommended a “starvation diet,” she had a big awakening. Weaving her intuition with what she knew about nutrition and clean eating from years of coursework and experience, she created Clean-ish Living.

When Susan was referred to me by her business coach, she already had events booked and needed a website up, fast. The WOW Page™ has an average turnaround between 1 and 3 weeks, so it was the perfect way to get her up and running with a few key components necessary to start interacting with her growing audience.

She had a logo concept and needed tweaking, so we took care of that, too. We are now in the process of refining all the materials included in her Clean-ish Eating 101 program, which you can find out more about on her WOW Page™, of course, HERE.

A sidenote: within a week of launching her page, her WOW Page™ paid for itself in signups to her program! 😀


If you are an entrepreneur starting a new project and you don’t want to get caught in a huge and expensive website project before showing up for your clients, check out the WOW Page™.

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