My 3 Words for 2017

Before I get into my bright vision for 2017, here’s what 2016 looked like in my business:

First Quarter: I recovered from a brutal attack on my server that affected over 20 websites. I learned a ton about website security “the hard way.”

Second Quarter: I discovered an amazing business coach and committed to her year-long business coaching program. As a result, I generated more new business and revenue during this quarter than I had in any equivalent amount of time since I started Liz Lee Media.

With some of my amazing clients at Monica Shah’s “Master Your Money” event in Atlanta.

Third Quarter: Still surfing on this wave of expansion, I signed up for every course, program, and entrepreneurial mailing list I found. In addition to all of my commitments, I took my family (dogs included) on a 2000 mile road trip to attend a three-day live event all about 2017 business planning in Connecticut.

And on our way up, I took a stand on an important issue in Philadelphia.

Clearly better than the competition.

Fourth Quarter: Realizing that I had taken on WAY too much, I found myself chasing all the commitments I had made in Q3, feeling a bit like this…

In December, I deliberately slowed everything down. There was no way I was going to bring this unsustainable behavior into 2017.

I worked less (understanding that the consequence was making less money).

And I listened….for my intuition to kick in.

Making space in my schedule and my mind, the flow of intuition returned. Synchronicity was reactivated. I got messages that were timely and extremely useful.

One of these messages came from a webinar led by Mike Vardy. He talked about choosing his “three words for the year,” referencing Chris Brogan as his inspiration for the practice.

Already in a reflective frame of mind, I was ready to choose my three words for 2017. As I had spent so much time focusing on and reacting to external circumstances, I felt that this should be a year to go “in.”


For me, to “in”joy is simply choosing to be in joy.

What does this look like? I am:

  • Doing the work-related things that really bring me joy and delegating the rest.
  • Making time for joyful activities outside of work.
  • Focus on “joy points” – the little things that bring me joy so that I strengthen the connections in my brain that favor joy.

I believe the more joyful I feel, the more joyful experiences I will attract. I intend to pull back from the “seriousness” of work and allow myself to be more light-hearted.


One of my strengths in my work is my intuition. If I want to offer truly “intuitive media solutions,” I must consciously connect with my intuition on a regular basis.

To that extent, I am:

  • Slowing down my mind with meditation and yoga.
  • Taking time for reflection and checking in with myself (using the Self-Journal every day).
  • Making more decisions based on intuition rather than stress or overwhelm.


Much of the overwhelm I experienced in the latter part of 2016 was related to having so much new and potentially useful information in my head and not knowing where to start to use it in my business.

In 2017, I am:

  • Loosening up the bottleneck of information that has piled up in my brain by putting the most relevant knowledge into practice, creating new habits.
  • Integrating my left and right brain more so that I can tackle both logical and creative tasks in my business with more proficiency.
  • Blocking my time thematically for efficiency and productivity (using The Now Year Wall Calendar).

So while I don’t have New Year’s resolutions per se, I am adding some structure to this year to help stabilize my workflow and manage expansion better.

I can relate to so many entrepreneurs who admit that they fear expansion and even sabotage themselves against it. I am finding that if I create a structure for growth, I am not only more prepared for it, but I also invite more of it.

And that may still feel scary, but definitely more manageable.

What sustainable habits are you cultivating for 2017?

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