Logo Design

Your logo introduces you, your product, your business, your services, or your talent to the world. It will drive the design of all of your web and print media. Commissioning a logo design is an extremely important step in developing your brand, so please keep the following in mind when you prepare for your logo design consultation.

A well designed logo is:

Liz Lee Media Unique – Your logo should stand out among others in your field. It also does not have to show or say directly what your business does.

Liz Lee Media Adaptable – Your logo should adapt well across media–it should look good when printed or online, and it should also be recognizable down to about an inch in size. Whether it is on a business card or a billboard, it should be simple enough to show clearly. You should also be able to reproduce it in black and white if necessary.

Liz Lee Media Timeless – While some major brands do change or adjust their logos at some point, they have timeless elements that do not change. When you imagine your logo, you want to stick to clean lines, and symmetry and avoid elements that will look dated five or ten years down the line.

Liz Lee Media Appropriate – Figure out who your target audience is and design your logo with them in mind. As Liz Lee Media primarily services heart-centered entrepreneurs, our logo has a spiritual element to it–the shape is of the 2nd chakra (the center of creativity) and the indigo color of the inner circle indicates the 6th chakra, which is the center of intuition. Our clients appreciate the spiritual element of our business and we reflect that in our logo.

Below are some recent logos that we have designed. Please click on each thumbnail to see the full image.