Latest Logo Design Inspired by Archetypal Tattoo

I was recently hired to create a logo for a holistic healer’s program on inner child healing.

The inspiration provided by the client? A tattoo similar to the one below.


She wanted it to be a pretty literal interpretation as the design is on point with the purpose of her program–to re-parent one’s inner child for core emotional healing. The image feels very loving and protective as it shows a parental figure embracing a child figure.

Finding no existing vectors (images that are scaleable to any size) to work with, I set out to vectorize this image using Adobe Illustrator. I imported the image into the program and used the live trace function to generate a vector image that looked like this:


I took off all the noise around the image and then got to work rotating it and adjusting all of the individual anchor points (points with adjustable “handles” that create a mathematical wonder called a Bezier curve) to clean up the image and make it symmetrical. Here is the result:


The client wanted the image to match her branding colors (#44bcca and #832d86) and also to have a feeling of “energy moving” with emphasis on the heart center of the child part of the image.

I wanted to keep the image solid (without any wispy rays of light or energy that could complicate printing projects) but still convey an energy to it. I also wanted to be able to render the image in only one color whenever necessary without losing key elements. My solution was to use the client’s colors strategically within the image and outside as a thin stroke to give a feeling of glowing energy.


I feel the result is a simple, yet powerful image that beautifully expresses the energy of her new program.

I LOVE working with heart-centered entrepreneurs!


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