Judy Scott Creates Unique Handmade Jewelry for the Budget Conscious

After spending 29 years in the corporate world, Judy Scott decided to retire and devote herself full time to designing jewelry. She founded Purrfect Creations from her Atlanta area studio and has been creating unique artesan jewelry designs and cat inspired jewelry for the last 15 years.

Many years ago she took her first course in jewelry making. She went on to teach jewelry making for several years before deciding to design jewelry full time.

Her love for jewelry making has withstood the loss of 70% of her eyesight. With a diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentosa eventually leading to full blindness, she makes jewelry by feel and experience. She has helpers who give her feedback on color, but the inspiration for her pieces comes from her unique creative inner vision.

Judy had a full e-commerce website at one time, but found that it was too difficult to manage, and moved all of her pieces to Etsy. Her friend Sharron, a brand and marketing consultant, recommended that she still have a simplified website of her own to direct people to Etsy, and suggested the WOW Page™ as a quick and easy solution. As one of Judy’s helpers mentioned above, she was instrumental in facilitating the project.

You can check it out HERE.

One unique feature of this WOW Page™ is a quiz: “What Breed of Cat Would You Be?” I am American Shorthair. What are you? 😉

If you are an entrepreneur starting a new project and you don’t want to get caught in a huge and expensive website project before showing up for your clients, check out the WOW Page™.

And this week only–schedule a FREE WOW Page™ Planning Session (normally $77) HERE. (The appointment does not have to be this week.) I have 5 slots available for these sessions.

Our Week of WOW continues tomorrow with a bit of fairy dust. Stay tuned. 🙂


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