Energy Healer Mindy Strich Speaks on Miraculous Self-Healing, Breaking the Grip of Chronic Illness and Pharmaceuticals

On the rare occasion that I have network TV on, there is always some type of pharmaceutical commercial. I often think to myself how comical it is that we have this long narrative (these commercials are always the longest) of how a person’s life has changed for the better because of this substance you can’t even pronounce, and then at the very end you have the soft voiceover telling you about all the side effects–which invariably include diarrhea and/or death–associated with his medication. If I were an alien visiting Planet Earth and I turned on the TV to see a pharmaceutical commercial, I would think that this civilization is crazy.

The fact that more people do not see this insanity is evidence of Big Pharma’s hold on not only our bodies, but more importantly, our minds.

Mind Over MedicineFortunately there are people–even in the medical field–who are beginning to wake up to the power of our minds to heal ourselves. Dr. Lissa Rankin is one of these people, and she has written a book called Mind Over Medicine. In it, she explains her research into the mind/body connection and how powerfully we can harness it to heal ourselves.

My client, Mindy Strich, an energy healer, has worked closely with Dr. Rankin and now offers workshops based on the book. I sat down with her (virtually) to ask her a little about her experience with self-healing and its implications for health and wellness in general.

What do all of the people who come to you for energy healing have in common?

They are either struggling with physical pain or illness and have either had no success with conventional medical treatments and medications or want to try something less toxic (side effects from drugs for example) or they are simply stuck. They know there is “something more to life” find themselves unhappy, depressed and afraid and need guidance and support to help them discover what they need to do to allow them to live a more fulfilled life (for example, unhappy in their jobs or relationships and don’t know how to change it, feel trapped or stuck).

How do you advise your clients (healing and coaching) to handle resistance that may come up for them?

What they resist persists. Love whatever arises. We can’t change anything until we accept it. There is a deeper message in their resistance and until they are willing to look at it, it wont go away, in fact it will get bigger. Letting go of resistance is the key to releasing the pain.

What role does allopathic medicine have to play as more and more of us awaken to the power of energy healing?

I see healing as a complement to allopathic medicine, not a replacement. Thank God for doctors and drugs and Western medicine. If I was in a car accident or had a serious illness, I would want the best doctors and drugs available, but I would also want the best healers, too. It’s not a one size fits all solution. Our health care system is the best at many things, but at least in my experience where it is not so great is with chronic illness. And I believe part of the reason is that most doctors don’t have the time to spend with patients to really get to the root of what is going on. That’s where I believe alternative medical providers can really help. Yesterday I worked on a woman with Stage 4 cancer. She had recently had a chemotherapy treatment and was struggling more with the side effects of chemo then the cancer. She was lethargic, had pain in her ankle, couldn’t lift her shoulder and complained that her right hand was frozen, both cold and couldn’t move. After 40 minutes of healing, all of her symptoms were practically gone. I was overjoyed for her but I was also frustrated because I know there is so much benefit to healing and it saddens me that it is so hard to convince main stream doctors and hospitals of that. How many people can I be helping that don’t even realize that there are more effective less toxic options for them to choose from when they are sick? People recover faster with less symptoms. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Why do you think we as a society so willing to give up our power to doctors?

Because that’s what we were taught. The doctors are the experts, not us. But that’s not true. No one is the expert of your body but you. And there’s one more reason, because if we take our power back, then we have to be responsible for our lives. Once we take responsibility for our lives, then we have no one else to blame.

What is the most “miraculous” healing that you have personally witnessed?

My first answer is my own, but I’ll tell you about a client. She came to a workshop I did and it took her a year after that to call me for a session. FEAR. But some of her symptoms got so bad she would have done anything (I get that a lot… “last resort”). Among other things, she had a rare condition in that she was unable to move her bowels. It was very painful and very toxic. She was under the care of a doctor, but wasn’t getting much relief. After her first session, she and I both felt that the root cause was a toxic relationship that she was in for over ten years. She was deathly afraid to leave the relationship because of her fear of being alone (I get that a lot, too). But somehow through her courage and our work together, within a month she left the relationship. And on that day, her bowel problems disappeared and have not returned. (It’s been over two years). She is now happily married to her high school sweetheart. Healing doesn’t just heal on one level, by the way; when you heal the body you heal the mind and the heart too. Leaving that relationship helped her body heal and open up the possibility for authentic love to enter.

How would you advise people who are worried about environmental health factors they can’t control, such as pollution, chem trails, radiation, etc.?

Well, there are things you can do to minimize the dangers – eat organic, buy chemical free products etc… today I got an ionic foot bath which pulls all the toxins from your tissues and cells. So there are a ton of things you can do to reduce the toxins in your environment, but right, you can’t eliminate it. If we worried about all the things that could impact our health we would all have to think about living in a bubble. Worry and fear might be a bigger issue than the chemicals. Our thoughts, positive or negative produce chemicals that produce either healthy or unhealthy hormones. So if you can’t reduce the toxins in the environment, you can still reduce the toxins of your thoughts.

What is the most surprising thing you have learned from doing this work around Mind Over Medicine?

That even when we know what we need to do to heal, we still often don’t do it. People want their lives to change, but not everyone is willing to change their lives, even when we know it’s the best thing for us.

You have experienced life-threatening health challenges in the past. If you could go back and tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

Your mind will lie to you, but your body never does. When you are scared and in pain, don’t listen to it; listen to your heart. It may feel scary, but don’t listen to the fear. Don’t resist it either. Love the fear, have compassion for the fear. It thinks it’s trying to protect you, but the truth is whatever arises LOVE it. Love is all around you. All you need is LOVE.

What wisdom do you think your older self– 20 or 25 years into the future– would offer you right now about your health?

I hope I’m around 20-25 years in the future and if I am–and I believe I will be–I hope she says, “you done good girl.” All the pain, the healing, the education, the enlightenment has given you these extra years and they have been the happiest, healthiest and best years of my life!

What do you think is the biggest thing standing between a person and his or her healing?

I think it’s themselves. We stand in the way of our own healing. More specifically, our thoughts, our beliefs and our fear of the unknown. Repeat from an earlier question – people want their lives to change… but are you willing to change your life?

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I am in awe of all the gems Mindy brought to this interview–the importance of self-empowerment being the brightest of them. For those of you in the Atlanta area, as of right now, there are still a couple of spots left for Mindy’s Mind Over Medicine workshop, and she is even offering a free remote coaching session to those who sign up.

Learn more HERE.

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