Driving Traffic to Your Website, Part 1

How do I drive traffic to my website?

This is the question I get most often from clients. But before you can answer the HOW, I think it’s important to understand the WHY and the WHAT.


Just “driving traffic to your website” doesn’t do anything for you. If you’re looking for website hits, you’ll get a vanity metric.

Whoo-hoo! I got 1000 visitors today!

Ok, but–

Did anyone engage with your content?

Did anyone opt in to your newsletter list?

Did anyone book calls with you?

Did you sell anything?

The WHY in driving people to your coaching or consulting website is four-fold, particularly for coaches and consultants. Drive traffic to your site so that you can:

1. Build authority with your audience.

2. Build your list with potential clients.

3. Fill your calendar with sales conversations.

4. Sell your services to the people who need them.

The 4 WHATs correspond directly with the WHYs:

1. Build authority with your audience by blogging as consistently as you can.

2. Build your list with potential clients with an opt in form with an easily consumable incentive to sign up to your list.

3. Fill your calendar with sales conversations by creating a branded free conversation and allowing people to book directly through your site, especially if you have higher ticket offerings that you may not want to display on your website.

4. Sell your services to the people who need them by including sales pages and Buy Now buttons (this one sounds obvious, but you would not believe how many sites I have seen where there is no easy way to buy an offering).

Once you have a grasp of WHY to drive traffic to your site and WHAT you are driving them to, the next step is addressing the WHO, and by that, I mean these two groups:

1. New visitors

2. Repeat visitors

There are slightly different methods to use for each, which I will cover in more detail in my next post, but feel free to comment below with your strategies in the meantime!

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