Dr. Doug Miller Works with Men to Cultivate Authenticity, Alignment and Fulfillment

The majority of my clients are women who primarily work with women. We’re a pretty feminine tribe, overall. For women, I can recommend a number of coaches, consultants, healers and intuitives from my client list. But one of my clients–Dr. Doug Miller–saw a gaping hole in the support offered to men.

Joining his wife, Elicia Miller, on several women’s retreats in Costa Rica, Dr. Miller noticed that behind many women seeking emotional healing and fulfillment were men doing the same, but having no clear path shown to them. As a forensic psychologist called as an expert witness in countless custody cases, he had often witnessed the fracturing effects of childhood male conditioning on the male psyche:

“Male conditioning has caused a separation between who you truly are and who the world expects you to be. Add problematic family patterns or personal trauma and you may find yourself depressed or addicted.” – Dr. Doug Miller

Dr. Miller could see that some men were aware of this separation and truly wanted help, but they did not know where to turn. So he hired me to build a WOW Page™ to offer his counseling services to these men.

You can see it HERE.

Part coaching and part counseling, Dr. Miller offers unique services to men seeking to reconnect with parts of themselves lost in a world of toxic man shaming. From moderating a men’s Facebook group to hosting men’s retreats, Dr. Miller is working to help men re-align with their “deep and reliable source of guidance, power and connection.”

For men who are unsure if they are ready to do this work, but know they need to do something, Dr. Miller offers a free video consult to get to know one another.


If you are an entrepreneur starting a new project and you don’t want to get caught in a huge and expensive website project before showing up for your clients, check out the WOW Page™.

And this week only–schedule a FREE WOW Page™ Planning Session (normally $77) HERE. (The appointment does not have to be this week.) I have 5 slots available for these sessions.

Check back tomorrow for the next WOW Page™ in our Week of WOW.


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