Don’t know who your ideal client is yet? Don’t let that stop you from showing up.

In the typical business coaching program, one of the big pushes is to identify your target market early on.

I get why this is such an important task–your future marketing efforts depend on it.

That said, few things have been more stressful to me in my entrepreneurial journey because I felt like I had to figure that out before I could do anything else.

I take pride in excelling at assignments like these. This should be easy, I thought. I followed the steps, did the worksheets, tried on a few elevator pitches to see how they felt. And none of it clicked. Why couldn’t I get this right?

The truth is, I had to get out of the workshops and into the wild. I had to experiment. I had to take on a variety of clients and projects before I figured out–through a very natural and organic process–who my people are.

I regret one thing–and that is being SO HARD on myself for not “getting it” right away.

I only realize now how normal my path was, because I see my clients–coaches and consultants–going through the same thing.

You feel stuck.

Not good enough.

Not focused enough.

Not clear enough.

And these feelings sometimes block your ability to attract clients.

But clients are precisely what you need–and not just for the revenue to get your business going, of course. You need clients to test run your services, packages and programs.

Even (and especially) clients who turn out not to be a good “fit.” Only through interacting with clients will you figure out what works and what doesn’t work for you.

So my recommendation to coaches and consultants just getting started?

Say yes. Say a lot of yeses. Even if think you don’t know what you are doing or don’t have your ideal client avatar completed.

It will take shape over time.

For now, just show up!

If you are a new coach or consultant excited to start showing up and attracting clients as soon as possible, I am creating a solution just for you!

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