Coming Out of the Woo Woo Closet

“Magic is just science that we don’t understand yet.”― Arthur C. Clarke

I just went on a retreat in the Diamante Valley of Costa Rica and I came back fully refreshed, renewed, and pretty intolerant of anything not authentic, including myself.

So I will start with this statement:

Hi, I’m Liz, and I’m as “woo woo” as they come.

Papaya trees make the best backdrops.

I’m also a fairly practical and logical person, and I am here to tell you that “woo woo” and practical/logical are NOT mutually exclusive.

Many of my clients have told me that they don’t want to “come off ‘woo woo'” in their messaging, for fear that they will “scare off” potential clients. So, in many cases, we start off addressing “real world” issues or concerns that their potential clients might have and then gradually ease them into the woo.

I get why you want to rein in your woo woo magic. (I have done it for years.) You want to reach more people, get more leads, sign on more clients. And if you told them that you work with “energy,” “vibration,” and all the other unseen stuff of metaphysics, you fear you might lose some of your audience.

But what I am seeing, more and more, is people waking up to the fact that what we see is NOT all there is. More people understand “woo woo” than you think. And the number of people waking up to our multidimensional Universe is only growing.

That is why I feel confident coming out of the woo woo closet – I know that the people I love to work with – lightworkers, lightbearers, and systems busters – are increasing in population.

I still love all my clients who aren’t into this stuff, but what really lights me up is to work with someone who understands what I mean when I say that in our work together, we are not only going to bust through limiting beliefs, but we will also shift timelines and maybe even anchor in a piece of the 5D New Earth. 🙂

Are you still with me? If not, that’s ok.

If so, let’s continue!

Energy healers: I work with a lot of you, and I am one, myself, so let’s talk about how you can be more authentic with your audience.

First of all, I give you permission (in case you need it) to release any attachment to what others think about you. Your family of origin, your day job coworkers, your religious community – send them all love and then consciously cut the cords of their approval that are probably connected to your solar plexus.

Repeat as needed. Cord cutting is usually not a one-time thing.

Call your power back to you. It’s yours. It does not belong to anyone else. You came into this life to heal yourself, others, and the planet itself, so it’s time to choose the shortest path to that work. Hiding does not serve you. Showing up as the brilliant multidimensional soul that you are gives others permission to do the same.

As you consciously detach from others’ expectations and approval, something magical happens – you feel more free to speak your truth. Whether you get to this place on your own, with the help of other energy healers, or you take a trip to the jungle like I did and come back restless and intolerant of the so-called “real world,” it is an amazing feeling.

Will some people tune out, unsubscribe, or try to talk some “sense” into you? Probably!

And that’s OK.

Before writing this blog post this morning, I pulled one card from the Sacred Rebel Oracle. I drew the Sacred Fool.

You can read a full description of the card HERE, but the part that was the most relevant for me, and the part which I would like to share most with my audience, is this:

This oracle heralds a time – now or imminent – when you will feel inspired, alive and passionate for what you can offer to the world. It says to you, ‘Don’t try to be appropriate, don’t try to be socially acceptable and worry about what others may think about what you are doing – just be. If you want to wear a mad hat whilst doing so, fine.’

I feel this happening not only for myself, but for many around me. A few days ago I was a guest on Emily Aarons’s new podcast, Aligned and Unstoppable, and we talked freely about many so-called “woo woo” topics stemming from my recent trip to Costa Rica, including but not limited to:

  • My throat chakra opening during the opening purification ceremony and how it affected others present
  • How I got through an intense 4-stage Temezcal sweat lodge
  • My (sometimes hilarious) insights during and after two consecutive nights of sacred Ayahuasca ceremony
  • One of the top five best moments of my life on the last day of our retreat

We only briefly touched on web design and “techy” stuff, which is a refreshing departure from my usual dialogue with fellow entrepreneurs. I explained that website design, for me, is a result of deep work that I do with my clients. I approach each project holistically, helping my clients break through blocks and limiting mindsets that would otherwise hold them back from serving in their highest capacity.

That said, I work with entrepreneurs of all types, and those who are not as open about “woo woo” stuff are always welcome to work with me.

But more and more of my clients are beginning to tune in to the “magic” that is actually just science that we don’t yet understand. I won’t be suddenly rewriting my whole website to speak just to the “woo woo” crowd, but I will commit to being more open in my blog posts about topics that fascinate me – and hopefully those of you who might want to work with me.

In any case, things are about to get a lot more interesting around here!

The featured image is from the yoga pavilion at Rama Organica in Las Tumbas, Costa Rica.

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