Book Consultant Jen Lee Launches Business with One Page

I want to open my Week of WOW with my first WOW Page™ client, Jen Lee.

Jen was an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach when I met her over a year ago. Over the course of several months, she figured out that she wanted to help women on an even deeper level. She worked with a business coach to narrow down her focus and eventually created the idea of Divine Feminine Leaders, a platform to help female entrepreneurs connect with their ideal clients and position themselves as experts through writing books. For many, the prospect of writing a book is pretty overwhelming, but Jen strives to help her clients step into their leadership and become the ones their clients look to for expert advice.

Once Jen became clear about her new business, she wanted to start connecting with her tribe right away. She also had a speaking engagement on the books and she needed to get an online presence growing around Divine Feminine Leaders fast. Knowing that she did not want to bother with a DIY online website builder, she signed up for a WOW Page™ and commissioned a logo from Liz Lee Media. (While a logo is not required to build a WOW Page™, having it in place did make the page design process a little easier.)

For the logo, Jen wanted to strike a balance somewhere between superhero shield and professional. What we created was this:

Jen was the also the first to test the WOW Page™ Content Generation Template. By answering the questions in this template, she got clear on the offering she wanted to feature on her page and the messaging to support it. In our WOW Page™ Planning Session, we went over her responses and came up with a content strategy for the page.

I could not be more pleased with the result of our co-creation. And without going through months of planning and building a full website, Jen has exactly what she needs to move forward with her new venture. She can build her site gradually while blogging regularly to generate fresh content.

Fortunately, Jen is also happy with the outcome. (That’s the whole idea, right?) 🙂

“Working with Liz was really easy to get my WOW Page™ up. She had easy to fill in templates for the copy on the page which made the process even easier. She was helpful, insightful and intuitive along the process and really gave the page exactly the energy it needed to sparkle and shine! I was even asked recently if my business was part of a franchise or a larger corporation because they felt that my page was so professional that it looked like it was a higher level brand! This was a huge compliment and I really appreciate Liz Lee for making my WOW Page™ literally WOW people!!”

If you are an entrepreneur starting a new project and you don’t want to get caught in a huge and expensive website project before showing up for your clients, check out the WOW Page™.

And this week only–schedule a FREE WOW Page™ Planning Session (normally $77) HERE. (The appointment does not have to be this week.) I have 5 slots available for these sessions.

Check back tomorrow to see another example of a WOW Page™ in action!


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