3 Ways Consistent Blogging Will Super Charge Your Business

A client just asked me how she can get more of her products on the web. While she doesn’t sell her products online yet, she does have a storefront to which she would love to generate more traffic.

Aside from the basic SEO foundation that should be established when a website is built, there are several things that can be done by you, the website owner, to increase the likelihood that people will find you, your services, or your products when they do a search. One of those things is blogging.

Consistent blogging does a few key things:

  1. It keeps your loyal followers coming back to your site again and again, which is looked upon favorably by search engines.
  2. As more and more traffic comes to those blog posts, they will rank higher and higher in searches for the content found in those posts, generating more and more traffic.
  3. If you are regularly blogging AND sharing your blog posts on major social media platforms, you are keeping your business’s name in people’s minds. They may not be your customer or client today, but staying on their radar will increase the likelihood that they will be in the future.

If the idea of blogging scares you, don’t worry. With a 90 Minute Business Blogging Planning Session, I can help you:

  • Generate content ideas that are specific to your business
  • Create an extended Blogging Calendar so you won’t be wondering what to write each week
  • Learn tips to optimize your blog posts for search engines
  • Feel confident sharing your blog posts on your social networks of choice

Another client told me yesterday that one of her blog posts was getting a huge amount of traffic–much more than her home page. While people were entering her website through finding the blog post, they were also going to other parts of the site and perusing her services, so the post was giving a nice boost to the SEO of other pages on the site.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of blogging as a way to increase the visibility of your website and business. I have not seen one business that would not be helped by blogging–you can generate content for pretty much any type of enterprise.

Ready to rev up your blogging engine? Contact me today for more information on how I can help empower you to generate more traffic to your website and business through consistent blogging.



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