YOU are an entrepreneur.

You are good at what you do. You can make magic with your business. People look up to you. You are truly an expert in your field.

But people keep asking you, “Where is your website?”

Your business cards have a Yahoo or Gmail address on them and are paper thin.

You may not even have a logo to represent you.

You’ve tried doing all this yourself, because, of course, you are fully capable of learning and doing anything. You love DIY projects and you are ALWAYS up for a challenge.

So you set out to learn all you can about building your own website. It should just take a few days, right?

But as you try to run your business and teach yourself web design, those few days stretch into a few weeks, and the weeks turn into a couple of months.

So you decide to try an online website builder. Drag, drop and publish, right?

But even these services have you frustrated. After attempting to use one of them, you realize that you will never be able to customize it exactly the way you want it, and besides that, you are basically paying a monthly fee to “rent” your website. You don’t even own it.


How can you grow your business while tackling graphic design, web design and all the technology needed to master it all?


You realize that even if you did have time to do all this, you don’t really want to, because you are passionate about YOUR business. YOUR services. YOUR talents. YOUR products.

And you should be!

Why pull your attention away from your business when you can hire someone to build an online presence for you that will help you connect with more customers and clients?


With relatively little effort on your part, you can own a website that:

Liz Lee Media Reflects your unique branding

Liz Lee Media Works for you 24/7 attracting leads and generating new business

Liz Lee Media Makes updating easy!

Choosing a web designer is a pivotal decision in the evolution of your business. You may even be intimidated by the idea despite your brave entrepreneurial spirit.

Whatever your doubts or fears, Liz Lee and her team will walk you through each step of the process and empower you to take ownership of this powerful tool and harness it to expand your business and generate more money.

They can also design and print your business cards, postcards, flyers, brochures, banners and other promotional materials…all while you focus on what you do best.

Our Recent Web Design Projects

“If you are ready to showcase your new business or need a fully expanded website – don’t look any further! Liz Lee is a Web Developer and Creative Professional you’ll definitely want to work with – she has the technical and creative savvy to design the look and function of a site that meets your needs. Her websites are creative, amazingly affordable and easy to manage. I’m a brand and marketing consultant and I love her WOW Page™ concept for my start-up clients. I’ve hired a lot of web creators for my clients and Liz Lee is by far the best I’ve worked with.”

Sharron Ragan
SR Brand Marketing & Consulting

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You’ve built your business. Now let Liz Lee Media build your website.

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